Taiwan peculiarities

We’re closing in on a month here and as such we are finally settled and starting to venture beyond our Zuoying neighborhood! Below is a distant view of the Tuntex sky tower as we searched for a new camera lense on “computer street”.


We’ve gone to the Lotus pond, Shoushan Zoo, the National Science Museum, and lots of time at the malls to stay cool from the heat (Taiwanese malls are pretty cool with at least 10 floors and kids areas). On the other hand, the zoo and museum really made us appreciate how nice we have it in Indy, as these were very outdated. We still had fun though! Wild monkey’s were everywhere as we descended the mountain out of the zoo, with one even snatching a water bottle from a toddler right in front of us!

Hello Kaohsiung!


Well, after yeeaarrrs of claiming we were really moving to another country, here we are finally in Taiwan! Why Taiwan? Well, its safe for the kids, 20160727_071020its clean, the food is supposed to be amazing, and it has the same/lower cost of living as Indianapolis, Indiana (which was key in this whole experiment). We chose Kaohsiung over Taipei because it’s a little warmer in the winter and less rainy. We just wrapped up our first week and it’s been quite the adventure already.

 The girls didn’t seem to mind the long flight and we eventually landed in Kaohsiung after over 24 hours in the sky or in airports. Ellie watched Frozen and Toy Story on the plane which kept her plenty happy.

We landeArrive in Kaohsiungd at midnight and the first thing we noticed was that we were exactly 12 hours later than Indianapolis. That’s about as screwed as you can be when it comes to jet lag. The second thing we noticed when we walked out of the airport was how hot and humid it was…a very moist 87 degrees. Although it was 87 degrees it felt like 107 degrees. After waiting in a long taxi line, Ly asked what had splattered on my shirt. It was sweat, from just standing there. We negotiated with the driver and settled on $240NT (32TWD = 1USD, therefore it was approximately $7.50 USD), only to see that our luggage didn’t fit in his cab. 20160729_003538Eventually another one came and we were able to decide on $300NT for the larger Toyota “Wish” model. Since he didn’t speak English, we had to show him our destination in Chinese with my phone. We were barely able to stuff all our luggage in the back:  4 heavy suitcases, 3 heavy backpacks, a stroller, 2 adults, 1 toddler, and a partridge in a pear tree (Vera)….but amazingly enough we got it all to fit! It was like playing Tetris except much sweatier. Unless you played Tetris so vigorously that you started to sweat a lot. Then it would be equivalent.